Award-winning line marking firm introduce Mercedes-Benz eco fleet

18th March 2019by galinar84News

Award-winning line marking firm introduce Mercedes-Benz eco fleet

18th March 2019by galinar84News


A national line marking firm has turned its focus to the environment and its crew, investing over £500,000 in an effort to reduce its environmental impact and improve comfort and safety.

Riggotts National Line Marking Services, with a centrally located HQ in Nottinghamshire, have welcomed six brand-new Mercedes-Benz Atego to their fleet, all of which boast the latest in fuel economy, safety and comfort technologies.

The company, which employs 48 crews, all of which are trained in the latest of line marking technologies such as Ultra-Line (an innovative UV activated paint), is hoping to offer its clients a greener alternative to help the company maintain its forward-thinking ethos.

Nick Riggott, Joint Managing Director at Riggotts, commented on the new addition to the fleet saying: “We’re always looking for ways in which we can stay on top of the game and move with the times. According to The International Council on Clean Transportation, across the EU trucks now account for 30% of road transport CO2 emissions.

“Riggotts want to see that number going down.

“We’re committed to making sure that what we do is always as environmentally responsible as possible. That’s why we hold the ISO 14001:2015 award.

“The health and safety of our team has and always will be our top priority. We even hold the OHSAS 8001 accreditation for health and safety – caring for our team whilst on the road is just as important as ensuring they’re safe on site.

“Working on a national scale means our teams can travel hundreds of miles in a single day and we want to make sure they’re as safe and comfortable as possible on the way.

Riggotts provides its clients with a solution to any line marking needs in any part of the UK. Be it for a road, car park, airfield, warehouse or sports court, Riggotts offer the highest quality of service as well as a friendly round-the-clock team to make sure your project is completed on time and to budget.

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