Landing the line markings at Belfast City Airport.

19th December 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Belfast City Airport urgently needed line markings in one of their multi-story car parks. So of course, they booked Riggotts.
They knew we were just the ticket for quality line markings, delivered efficiently. We have got the logistics in place to transport our specialist equipment to wherever it’s needed, so we can be sure that our high standards always travel with us.
To ensure maximum efficiency on this project, we worked with Kestrel Thermoplastics Ireland. In total, the project included 6231 metres of line marking, 1562 metres of hatching, 69 disabled logos, 90 letters, 81 arrows and several give way junctions. Everything needed to be sure vehicles can move safely around the airport car park – wherever they’re headed to.
Special Needs Bay Line Markings
Electric Charging Bay Line Marking - Completed

Works at Morrisons DC using Ultra Line Marking

6th December 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

When Morrisons supermarkets needed linings at their distribution centre restored quickly, they came to Riggotts, knowing we were up to the challenge and would have the perfect competitive ingredient to meet their needs and demands.

We recommended Ultra Line Marking, the latest addition to our client shopping list. The Ultra Line Marking product is applied, then exposed to UV light which instantly cures it. This speedy process means less time on site, less disruption, and fewer carbon emissions. Yet it still provides durable linings with maximum chemical and mechanical resistance.

In all, 5000 meters of Ultra Line Marking was efficiently delivered to this distribution centre. Fast, stress-free, and with products that perfectly meet the customer’s needs – Morrisons know just where to come for line marking and more.

Ultra Line MarkingUltra Line Marking In Progress


Night roadworks? Not a problem for Riggotts

12th November 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Nottinghamshire County Council recently appointed Riggotts to undertake road line marking works on the A610 in Nottinghamshire. To cause minimal disruption all work was carried out during the night which included over 10,000 meters of extruded line markings with hatched areas, and refurbishment of over 600 Halifax style reflective Cats Eyes. For total client satisfaction, the experienced workforce completed all work on time and within budget.

Road Line Marking


Assurance all the way for the Assured Group Ltd.

25th October 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts were subcontracted to carry out works at British Car Auctions HQ (BCA UK) by long-term client Assured Group Ltd.

The areas needing refurbishing were prepared by our specialist captive shot-blasting team before line marking was laid to ensure superior adhesion and greater slip resistance. Also, Riggotts’ operatives carried out general line marking and pedestrian logos using Single Pack Epoxy Paint in order to create safe walking routes throughout the warehouse.

All line marking works were completed on time with minimal disruption, within budget, and to a quality higher than expected.

Interior Line MarkingInterior Line Marking


The Only Way Is Riggotts

24th October 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

First-time clients, Saffron Walden Town Council, required urgent works to be carried out at multiple Essex locations under their jurisdiction. These included a community centre, two playing fields, carparks and basketball court.

In total, over 500m of thermoplastic and single pack epoxy paint line markings were undertaken. Due to the urgency and size of the job, Riggotts brought in a second line marking division to ensure the project remained on schedule.

Despite having two separate crews to carry out the works, efficiency and cohesion meant an on-time and high-quality end product was never in question.

Thermoplastic Line MarkingsThermoplastic Line Markings


The one stop shop for Amazon Doncaster

30th September 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

When Buckingham Group were tasked with line marking at Amazon’s Doncaster site they knew just who could deliver on time. They returned to Riggotts, of course.
Prior to line application, we carried out surface preparation to ensure even application of line markings that would last. A durable MMA resin concrete grade paint was then used to complete 1700m of lining, 120m² of solid filled areas, seven speed roundels and two arrows.
The results are another prime example of our line marking knowledge and expertise, and the reason clients such as Buckingham Group don’t need to shop around.
Completed Line Marking at Amazon Doncaster Zebra Crossing
Completed Line Marking - Zebra Crossing at amazon doncaster

Hitting the mark with Resin Flooring Specialists

20th September 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Resin Flooring Specialists may be experts with internal floors, but when they required carpark line marking for their Sutton car park they called for the experience and expertise of Riggotts.

In total, 2000m of carpark line marking was completed. There were spaces for twelve electric vehicle bays, thirteen arrows and 210 numbers marked in One Pack Epoxy Paint. As well as being durable, One Pack Epoxy has a faster drying time. Applied by our own efficient team (never subcontractors), this ensured business wasn’t disrupted and the RFS team could hit the ground running.

Disabled Bays Blue Internal Carpark line marking

small motorcycle bays completed internal carpark line makring


Safeguarding Thermoplastic line markings for the NHS.

13th September 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Returning clients, Derek Lewis Ltd, instructed Riggotts to complete lining at their Royal Hallamshire Hospital site. Over 1100 meters of Thermoplastic line marking was undertaken, this included: Give Way markings, directional arrows, lettering and general line markings across the site. Experience gained from working on previous NHS contracts gave us the necessary project management skills which allowed a smooth and on-time delivery – something that’s not always guaranteed when working in a hectic, large-scale hospital environment.

Completed Thermoplastic Line MarkingsCompleted Thermoplastic Line Markings 2


Repair and Refurbishing Thermoplastic for UK Container Maintenance

29th August 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

First-time clients, UK Container Maintenance, contracted Riggotts to carry out over 1200m of line marking. The project included: 21 pedestrian logos, lettering, roadways, and pedestrian crossings. The Internal works were completed in Single Pack Epoxy and sealed following rigorous preparation to the surface area to ensure a durable finish. Externally, to enable longevity and durability, the finished works were carried out in Thermoplastic thus securing good adhesion to the surface.

Thermoplastic External Completed

Completed Internals


Supplying lining to Travis Perkins

15th August 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Building on our relationship with the UK’s largest construction trade supplier Travis Perkins, they this time asked us to complete lining at their Milton Keynes branch. This 2,000m of lining included roadways and walkways to keep staff safe throughout the yard and warehouses, in Single Pack Epoxy to ensure a durable finish. We worked with the client to ensure no disruption to the working day, so all Travis Perkins staff could stay on the job too.

Line Marking Zebra Crossing Line Marking Disabled Bay


Securing every click with Cyber Essentials

26th July 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Here at Riggotts & Co, we take cybersecurity and the handling of sensitive information very seriously, even more so in the current climate of internet-based threats.

As of July 2018, we were awarded a Certificate of Assurance by Cyber Essentials. This means our levels of preventative measures surpass Government requirements and, most importantly, our clients personal and financial information remains safe from hackers and other online hazards.

Riggotts Cyber Essentials


In the driving seat for Able UK

19th July 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

When Able UK required large-scale lining for their BMW Car Imports division, they knew who could drive the project forward. We carried out over 200,000 metres of lining at Immingham Port. Our specialist team completed linings for car park bays as well as road markings, working closely with the client to complete the works in a way that kept their business moving.

ABP Immingham Port CAR PARK ABP Immingham Port Carpark 2 ABP Immingham Port Carpark 3


Delivering for Smiths News

26th June 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Smiths News, the UK’s leading newspaper and magazine wholesaler, contracted Riggotts to carry out desperately needed works at their Stockport branch. Our experienced line marking team (never subcontractors) completed over 1000m of thermoplastic lining for parking bays and roadways. Their expertise and efficiency in creating lines minimised disruption, leaving Smiths News to focus on tomorrow’s headlines.

completed NO ENTRY

Completed Car Park


Charging ahead with Centrica

29th May 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

With an increasing number of electric vehicles in use, British multinational energy and services company Centrica required electric charging bays at their headquarters in Windsor. So they approached Riggotts for the royal treatment. Our experienced team (we never use sub-contractors) chose Thermoplastic for the markings and logos. Applying this long-lasting material guarantees a finish with real mileage.

Completed Electric Charging Bay 2


Charging forward with Walkers

25th May 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Walkers may be known for their crisps, but they’ve also installed Electric Vehicle Charging Bays at their Coventry Headquarters. Of course, when it came to driving the project forward they chose Riggotts. We designed and installed all the bay markings on-site. With the UK in line to ban of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 we envisage completing more Electric Vehicle Charging Bay markings in the future. And in keeping with the project’s sustainable aim, line markings were completed with MMA Epoxy Resin to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Completed EVC Bays 2 Completed EVC Bays 1


A long shopping list at Asda Glasshoughton

24th May 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Long-standing client Asda returned to Riggotts for repairs and relining at their Glasshoughton superstore. The full car park reline, with 5000 metres of single line, included arrows, give way markings, special needs bays, pedestrian crossings, lettering and more. Yet our experienced team carefully planned and carried out the work to ensure the minimum of disruption to shoppers and store colleagues.
Now Asda can be confident that the store car park meets the highest Health & Safety standards, and shoppers can pick up their cornflakes or complete the weekly shop more easily and safely.

completed Asda carpark 2 Completed Asdas carpark 3


Specialist surface work all tied up

30th April 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Global steel rope manufacturer Bridon Beckart contracted Riggotts to carry out important works in their manufacturing building. The work was complicated by the fact it would be on steel – a surface unsuitable for traditional paint resins. To ensure long-lasting adhesion, we selected a specialist steel grade MMA resin and applied it to a surface perfectly prepared with a captive shot blaster. Our experience in choosing the most effective material and thoroughly preparing the surface meant the project was all tied up quickly and effectively.

Completed Walkway 4 Completed Walkway 2 Completed Walkway 3


No store slip ups

25th April 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

When the worlds’ favourite furniture company experienced an increasing number of complaints, slips and falls in their multi-storey car parks, they called in Riggotts to right the problem. Our team assembled and put together a plan to retexture the car park surfaces and increase their anti-skid properties. We used specialist captive shot blasting equipment to retexture the surface, which was then sealed to protect it, add further resistance and increase longevity. So now all that fell, was complaints.

Completed Multi-Storey carpark 4 Completed Multi-Storey carpark 3 Completed Multi-Storey carpark 2


Riggotts do the heavy lifting for Hiab

20th April 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts recently picked up a project for Hiab, the world’s leading provider of on-road handling equipment. The line marking in their main warehouse needed to be improved and updated. Before we began, Clean & Retrieve fully prepared the surfaces to remove previous markings and ensure a perfect surface for new ones. Lines, markings and solid areas were then all completed with Two Pack Epoxy Resin for durable markings in a warehouse with a heavy workload.

Completed Warehouse Markings 3 Completed Warehouse Markings 2 Completes warehouse Markings1

Riggotts Line Marking

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