Packing a punch

20th November 2017by galinar84News

Packing a punch

20th November 2017by galinar84News


DS Smith is one of Europe’s leading packaging companies. Having grown from humble beginnings to a £4.7m operation employing 27,000 staff in 37 countries, they understand the importance of expertise. So when they needed line markings for a new layout at their depot, they knew Riggotts would have it wrapped up in no time.

The first challenge was to remove the old layout markings. For this, we use the Clean & Retrieve Ride-On machine. Run-on gas, it has no trailing cables – making it the ideal choice to clean up in a live operational warehouse.

As well as clearing the markings efficiently, the Clean & Retrieve Ride-On leaves a perfectly prepared surface. Our team took advantage and applied approximately 4,500m of lining with a single pack epoxy. We were pleased to deliver a durable, long-lasting solution for our client.

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