8,000m of lining delivered to UPS

29th June 2017by galinar84News

8,000m of lining delivered to UPS

29th June 2017by galinar84News


The DP World London Gateway is a globally connected hub, boasting the UK’s most advanced deep seaport and most integrated logistics centre.

The world’s largest package delivery company, UPS, are building a new 32,000 square metre sorting and delivery facility at London Gateway. This makes it one of their largest infrastructure investments outside the US. Following completion, this facility will be able to process an incredible 30,000 packages every hour.

Riggotts were subcontracted by returning clients Buckingham Group Contracting to carry out the lining work. Using a single pack epoxy for durability, we marked out disabled logos, arrows, give way markings and lettering. Riggotts covered a total of 8,000 metres of lining – that’s almost 5 miles! Wherever in the world packages arrive from or go to, staff can get from A to B efficiently and safely.

We are proud to have been able to provide our skills for this project, so should you need an experienced team of line marking professionals for any job, look no further than Riggott & Co Ltd.


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