The Eurotunnel Gets a Riggotts Refresh!

28th February 2017by galinar84News

The Eurotunnel Gets a Riggotts Refresh!

28th February 2017by galinar84News


The famous Channel Tunnel, which provides a direct link for cars and trains between the UK and mainland Europe, is the newest recipient of a line marking refresh by Riggotts! The tunnel, also known as the Eurotunnel or the ‘ Chunnel ’, is the world’s longest underwater tunnel and has been open since May 1994. The tunnel links Folkestone to Coquelle, Pas-de-Calais France in as little as 35 minutes. The Eurotunnel is an important piece of infrastructure, as it directly connects the UK to mainland Europe, and offers a route for cars, Eurostar passenger trains and freight services to travel from England to France and beyond. The Eurotunnel is a popular choice for those looking to indulge in a bit of retail therapy at Cité Europe or visit the magical world of Disney in Paris.

IMG_8834 eurotunnelIMG_8863 eurotunnel

Riggotts were subcontracted by first-time clients McCrory Limited to line the control lanes and Southeast car park at Eurotunnel Folkestone, which is operated by Groupe Eurotunnel SE. The Riggotts crew lined over 1000m of white and yellow thermoplastic markings, including zebra crossing pads, 11 arrows, give way markings, and lettering.

IMG_8864 eurotunnel

IMG_8859Riggotts is proud to have been selected for such an esteemed job at a British landmark. The tunnel is an extremely important piece of infrastructure, and without it, there would be no direct link for trains or cars between the UK and mainland Europe. With Riggotts’ depth of experience completing line marking jobs around the country, we were the best equipped to finish the job as carefully and efficiently as possible. We are pleased to have played a part in maintaining the tunnel’s safety, and look forward to working with McCrory Limited on future projects.


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