Gratis Playground Refresh for Barlow Hall Primary School

30th August 2016by galinar84News

Gratis Playground Refresh for Barlow Hall Primary School

30th August 2016by galinar84News


The end of the summer can only mean one thing for thousands of kids across the country: it’s time to head back to school! Years of outdoor play had left Barlow Hall Primary School’s playground in dire need of a repaint, and teachers had planned to paint the area themselves with paintbrushes. That’s when Riggotts stepped in, and as a gesture of goodwill, offered Barlow Hall a complete playground refresh at no cost to the school.


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The work was carried out by charge hand Tom Riggott and his second man John Stanfield-Warren. Tom began as a 16-year-old apprentice at Riggotts before working his way up to the position of charge hand at the age of 18. Since then, he’s been leading his own gang and exemplifies Riggotts’ dedication to quality work. Tom and John refreshed several of the school’s playground designs in a range of eye-catching colours, in addition to adding some new bespoke designs. Using different coloured one pack epoxy, our team laid over 900m of lining to create playground games that are both fun and educational. The new playground will be perfect for helping the children at Barlow Hall achieve their very best, even when they’re outdoors having fun.

barlow playground workersRiggotts is proud to be able to support local communities through gratis projects such as this one. With a flair for creativity and commitment to completing each and every job with perfect results, Riggotts was the perfect choice to give Barlow Hall’s students the playground they deserved.


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