Custom Parking Bays for Cockburn Lucas

7th September 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Independent financial consulting firm Cockburn Lucas has been providing reliable and trustworthy financial advice to clients in the East Midlands region since 1997. With clients ranging from private individuals to companies and family trusts, they are committed to sourcing great products and strategies that help clients reach their financial goals.

Cockburn Lucas tasked Riggotts to line seven parking bays with the company logo at their offices in Nottingham. Riggotts used one pack epoxy to paint a bespoke design – the Cockburn Lucas company logo, featuring three chess pieces – in each of the seven bays. The team first painted the bays a solid blue colour and then painted the white chess pieces on top of the blue for a car park design that’s fun and bright.

CL 2 Cockburn Lucas

Riggotts is thrilled to complete another car park lining job for returning client Cockburn Lucas. With years of experience creating bespoke car park designs and floor graphics to suit various clients’ needs, Riggotts was once again the best choice for the job. Whether you’re looking for high-quality workmanship, a custom design, or a courteous team to complete your next lining job, look no further than Riggotts!


Gratis Playground Refresh for Barlow Hall Primary School

30th August 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

The end of the summer can only mean one thing for thousands of kids across the country: it’s time to head back to school! Years of outdoor play had left Barlow Hall Primary School’s playground in dire need of a repaint, and teachers had planned to paint the area themselves with paintbrushes. That’s when Riggotts stepped in, and as a gesture of goodwill, offered Barlow Hall a complete playground refresh at no cost to the school.


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.33.46After:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.33.50

The work was carried out by charge hand Tom Riggott and his second man John Stanfield-Warren. Tom began as a 16-year-old apprentice at Riggotts before working his way up to the position of charge hand at the age of 18. Since then, he’s been leading his own gang and exemplifies Riggotts’ dedication to quality work. Tom and John refreshed several of the school’s playground designs in a range of eye-catching colours, in addition to adding some new bespoke designs. Using different coloured one pack epoxy, our team laid over 900m of lining to create playground games that are both fun and educational. The new playground will be perfect for helping the children at Barlow Hall achieve their very best, even when they’re outdoors having fun.

barlow playground workersRiggotts is proud to be able to support local communities through gratis projects such as this one. With a flair for creativity and commitment to completing each and every job with perfect results, Riggotts was the perfect choice to give Barlow Hall’s students the playground they deserved.



Car Park Lining at Barons Quay Northwich

15th August 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

The new Barons Quay Shopping Centre, scheduled to open later this year in Northwich, is anticipated to be a popular addition to Cheshire’s retail and leisure landscape. The new £80 million development will feature a five-screen Odeon cinema, a 20,000 ft2 Marks & Spencer, a 68,000 ft2 Asda, and over 28,000 fts of restaurant and bar space. The shopping centre will create up to 1,5000 jobs and will provide a much-needed quality shopping and entertainment experience for area patrons who would otherwise travel as far as Manchester or Liverpool.

60394 SC 006

Returning clients Stirling Lloyd Construction subcontracted Riggotts to line the new car park at Barons Quay. The Riggotts team got right to work and laid over 10,000 metres of car park lining using one pack epoxy, including 300 letters, arrows, give way markings, disabled bays, and parent and child bays. There are designated Marks & Spencer car park spaces painted in a bright green colour, and as always, the work was completed professionally and to a high standard.

60394 SC 002

Riggotts have a wealth of experience lining car parks, including large-scale, multi-storey car parks such as this one at Barons Quay. There are many reasons why Riggotts experience a high rate of returning client loyalty, including the team’s attention to detail and ability to complete challenging jobs with second to none results. We’re proud that Stirling Lloyd Construction chose Riggotts again for a quality car park lining job at Barons Quay.

60394 SC 005


No Shock Here: Riggotts Line Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

2nd August 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

As more people become aware of the environmental impact of driving cars fuelled by petrol and diesel, electric and hybrid cars have become more popular than ever. While hybrid cars use a combination of petrol and an electric motor, electric vehicles run off of the battery alone and must be re-charged after energy stores are depleted. Since 2013 there has been a huge surge in the number of electric vehicles on the road, from a mere 3,500 to over 75,000 as of July 2016. For this reason, the number of electric charging points across the UK has been steadily increasing.

Charging point logos 001Riggotts have been contracted to line vehicle charging bays at various locations including Coventry University & Nestlé sites in Buxton and Dalston. Using One Pack Epoxy, our team can work to custom specifications or provide a variety of design options for the client who has not yet decided on a design.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.26.54

The forward-thinking Riggotts team is constantly looking towards the future to find innovative ways to adapt our services to an evolving market. With the rise of electric vehicles and driverless cars, precise, high-quality road lining and car park lining is more important than ever. With Riggotts’ wealth of experience in road marking and lining electric vehicle bays, we’re the best choice for your next lining job!

Electric Charging Bay 001


Broughton Retail Park Gets Much Needed Refresh

20th July 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Broughton Retail Park, originally built in the 1990s, has become a major shopping and leisure destination in Wales. Offering shops such as Boots, Tesco Extra, Home Sense, Next and a Nike Factory Store, it’s also home to Primark’s milestone 300th store, which created 197 jobs. Dining options at Broughton include Chiquito, Frankie & Benny’s, Prezzo and everyone’s favourite for a ‘cheeky’ chicken dinner, Nando’s.


The wear and tear of thousands of shoppers per week left Broughton in dire need of new car park lining and road markings. Hawkspear Contracts Ltd subcontracted Riggotts to carry out a much-needed refresh, which included over 7000m of kestrel thermoplastic lining. The Riggotts team also painted new give way markings, parent & child bays, disabled bays and arrows.

Riggotts’ highly skilled operatives deliver second to none results, making us the best line marking company for the job. With our wealth of experience and a dedicated team of road marking specialists, we were able to refresh Broughton Retail Park’s car park markings quickly and efficiently.


Fresh Drive Thru Markings for Sleaford McDonald’s

13th July 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

With over 1,200 locations in the UK alone, McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the World. The ‘Golden Arches’ are a ubiquitous part of the motoring landscape, with a McDonalds seemingly around every corner. The Sleaford McDonalds, located just off the A17 at Holdingham Roundabout, is in a prime location for motorists travelling along the A15 and A17.

after first McDonald's

At peak mealtimes, McDonalds car parks and drive-thrus can get extremely busy, so proper line markings and car park markings are essential. And, now that many UK locations contain two drive-thru lanes, clear markings are more necessary than ever to avoid confusion whilst driving around the restaurants.

after 2nd McDonald's

When the Sleaford McDonalds needed to update its car park markings, Riggotts got right to work adding over 600m of Kestrel thermoplastic lining, over 100 letters, give way markings, arrows and the universally-recognised McDonald’s “M”. McDonald’s subcontracted the Riggotts team directly, knowing that the team’s wealth of experience lining McDonald’s and other fast food car parks would produce a high-quality result.

after 3rd McDonald's

As always, returning client loyalty is extremely important to Riggotts, and we’re proud to have completed another successful car park lining job for McDonald’s.


Car Park Marking at Bidston Moss Junction One Retail Park

6th July 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Bidston Moss Junction One Retail Park has been a fantastic addition to the Wirral retail landscape, offering stores such as Home Bargains, Pets at Home, B&Q and Halfords. Last month, a highly anticipated M&S Food Hall opened, offering Wirralians a high-end food shopping experience that complements the budget-friendly offerings at Aldi next door. The opening of these two shops alone has created almost 100 new jobs for the area.

first photo

Line marking experts Riggotts were subcontracted by returning clients Caddick Construction for a car park marking job at the Bidston Moss retail park. The work required over 800m of white and yellow lining, arrows, speed roundels, hatching, parent & child bays and disabled bays. Using high-quality Kestrel Thermoplastic, the Riggotts team showed off their top quality workmanship by completing the job to the client’s specifications.

second photo

Returning client loyalty is extremely important to Riggotts, and we’re proud that Caddick Construction recognised once again that we were the best team for the job. Whether your line marking needs are big or small, Riggotts have the solution to fit your budget and timeframe.

third photo


Riggotts Earn Investors in People Bronze Award

27th June 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

investors in people, award, bronze, bronze statusHere at Riggotts, we take our reputation as the UK’s leading line painting and surface preparation company very seriously. Without hiring the best staff possible, we would not be able to yield such exemplary results. For this reason, Riggotts has been affiliated with Investors in People (IIP) for an entire decade, and this year, we’re proud to announce that IIP has awarded us with a Bronze status award.

Investors in People is an internationally recognised accreditation that has set the standard for better people management since 1991. It is held by over 14,000 organisations worldwide and involves a rigorous assessment methodology and framework that reflects workplace trends and essential skills. To achieve Bronze status, Riggotts met 66 evidence requirements covering areas such as leadership, support and workplace improvement.

Riggotts are not only committed to being the best line marking company, but also a standout employer throughout the UK. We hope to continue the trend of workplace excellence and will work hard throughout the coming year to achieve our next Investors in People accreditation goal, the Silver award.


Riggotts Debut Re-Branding on New Vans

22nd June 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

As the UK’s leading line marking and surface coating company, Riggotts are committed to completing jobs to our exacting standards and clients’ specifications. Part of doing our job as safely and efficiently as possible is investing in the latest equipment. Riggotts are pleased to announce the addition of four new Mercedes-Benz vans to their fleet of vehicles and equipment.


In addition to transporting crews and equipment to job sites, these state-of-the-art vans proudly bear the redesigned Riggotts branding and logo. Featuring bright orange accents and a more streamlined designed, the vans will be sure to catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike. If you happen to see our new vans on the motorway or on a job site, be sure to give them a wave!



A ‘Sweet’ Lining Job for Nestlé Halifax

15th June 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

The Nestlé name is no stranger to UK households: this Swiss transnational food and beverage company is the largest food company in the world. Nestlé products are synonymous with all things sweet and delicious, as they manufacture goods ranging from confectionery, breakfast cereals, coffee, snacks, ice cream and more. Nestlé brands include Nespresso, Nescafé, Kit Kat and Smarties.


Nestlé has over 400 factories operating in 194 different countries; in the UK and Ireland alone, they have 21 sites. The Nestlé site in Halifax is currently home to the production of Quality Street, After Eight and Easter eggs, and employs up to 1,000 staff at peak times. In October 2015, Nestlé announced a £5.25m investment in the Halifax location to start making peanut butter cups for American export, which created 45 new jobs. This expansion prompted a visit from Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, who was “delighted” that the Halifax site won this major new investment.


Riggotts have just completed a significant lining job at the Halifax site’s car park and outdoor areas. To improve safety on a growing site, returning clients John Radcliffe & Sons Ltd subcontracted Riggotts knowing that the team’s attention to detail would produce second to none results. After prepping the surface by burning off existing markings, the team lined over 2000m of thermoplastic lines and painted zebra crossings, 54 pedestrian logos and lettering.


The Riggotts team didn’t let the sweet smells coming from the factory distract them – completing the job quickly and efficiently, we’re proud to have finished another job for John Radcliffe & Sons Ltd at a company as respected as Nestlé!


New Woking Fire Station for Surrey Fire & Rescue

5th June 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Surrey Fire and Rescue’s new home on Golsworth Road in Woking will officially open this month but has already been operational for two weeks. The new station, which replaces the old station on Cawsey Way in the town’s centre, took nearly 15 months to build. The six-storey high modern building is an attractive addition to Woking’s structural landscape and features four floors of affordable managed housing above the fire station.

The fire station itself houses six-vehicle appliance bays and modern training facilities. Riggotts got right to work lining over 500 metres of anti-skid surfacing, in addition to over 1000 metres of thermoplastic lining, 100 metres of hatching, lettering, arrows and give way symbols to the client’s specifications.

During an emergency response situation, proper lines and lettering are essential so that fire and rescue teams can navigate in and around the station safely. For this reason, Riggotts’ high standard of workmanship and wealth of experience was a perfect match for the job in Woking. We’re proud to be a reliable lining choice for a client whose job is protecting the community.


Safety Hatching at Thirsk Railway Station

24th May 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

With fast-moving trains and open platforms, safety is extremely important at railway stations. Riggotts are thrilled to have completed a new safety project for returning clients NG Bailey at Thirsk Railway Station, located on the outskirts of a small village named Carlton Miniott. The station, which opened in 1841, is run by First TransPennine Express and provides rail service to destinations including Middlesbrough, York, Leeds and London.

Riggotts team member Max Stasans painted bright yellow hatching along the length of the platform using one pack epoxy. This yellow hatching will alert rail customers of the platform’s edge and serve as a visual cue for safe standing distance when trains approach.

Max is a true credit to the Riggotts team. Originally from Latvia, he only spoke basic English when he started work at Riggotts in March 2015. Since then, his command of the English language has improved tremendously. He’s taken all of his safety and skills exams in English and has passed with flying colours. His qualifications now include CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme), Network Rail Qualification, ADR Driver Training, CITB Site Safety Plus, Petrol Safety Passport, and Riggotts’ internal health & safety training. This week, Max will complete his Site Safety Supervisor Training Scheme and is currently working towards his NVQ Level 2 in Road Building. We’re proud to have a hardworking and committed team member like Max, and we’re excited to help his career grow.

At Riggotts, our team members are our family. Without passion and dedication from employees like Max, we wouldn’t be able to complete jobs to the highest standard, nor would we be the first choice, time and time again, for esteemed clients such as NG Bailey.


Will White Lines of the Future Glow in the Dark?

23rd March 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

As the UK’s leading national line marking company, Riggotts are always on the lookout for ways to make our roads safer. Recently, the Netherlands tested an innovative, cost-effective and more environmentally friendly way of marking their roads at night – glow in the dark road markings.


Dubbed the “Smart Highway Project”, the design is the product of Daan Roosegaarde, who focuses on innovative road design. The glowing green lines, painted with photo-luminescent paint, absorb light during the day and then glow bright green at night. Not only are they more eco-friendly, conserving energy that would otherwise be used to power street lights at night, they also improve safety and visibility on the roads.


Roosegaarde’s future design plans also include weather markings such as snowflakes that would appear when the outdoor temperature dipped to a certain level. All of these ideas are part of his desire to make driving a more interactive and sustainable driving experience. Though the test glow markings in the Netherlands have proved too sensitive to moisture, and have since been faded out, civil engineering firm Heijmans has taken the design back to the lab to undergo more testing.

Riggotts are excited at the prospect of new and improved ways to line the UK’s roads, particularly if they lead to improved safety and a cleaner world.


VolkerWessels Designs Recycled Plastic Roads

23rd March 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Here at Riggotts, we’re always interested in innovation that has the potential to make road travel safer, cleaner and more efficient. Recently, world-renowned Dutch construction services company and Riggott’s client, VolkerWessels, has designed a road surface made entirely from recycled plastic salvaged from oceans and incineration plants. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is also more durable, less sensitive to extreme temperatures, and would require less upkeep.

VolkerWessels’ plastic roads will come in prefabricated sections that can be fit into place onsite, greatly reducing construction time. Best of all, using recycled plastic will save the atmosphere up to 1.6 million tons of CO2 released by asphalt each year.

Though the plan only exists on paper, there’s proof that replacing asphalt with plastic is a viable solution. A city in India has paved close to 50 kilometres of roads with a mixture of recycled plastic and asphalt, which has been a safe and durable solution to roads that would otherwise need yearly maintenance.

So, what would plastic roads mean for Riggotts? Well, any raw road surface would still need lining and marking to ensure drivers and pedestrians are as safe as possible. Though adhesion of pre-existing marking paints and materials to a non-asphalt surface may differ, we’re always ready for the challenge of modifying the way we work to keep up with technological evolution. And when an industry development means a safer and less-polluted world, we can’t think of a better reason to adapt our technology accordingly.


RAF Benson Enlists Riggotts

22nd March 2016by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

Situated in South Oxfordshire, RAF Benson has been committed to operations and support operations throughout the world since 1939. Home to two-thirds of the RAF’s support helicopter force, it is one of the busiest stations in the RAF with personnel deploying regularly.

RAF Benson approached Riggotts regarding the need to bring their line markings up to date, especially the centre line dots on the runways, which were not only ready for a refresh but needed to be brought up to the latest specification.

To carry out the works, the line markers first needed to start with a blank canvas. The first stage of the project was, therefore, to remove the blocks at the ends of each of the runways. Once removed, the team set to work marking all the necessary lines including ‘stop bars’ on taxiways, new centre dots and dedicated pedestrian walkways.

Shane Cutter, line marker at Riggotts, commented: “It was great working for such an important client such as RAF Benson – it’s an extremely busy station so we had to work around daily operations and not cause any inconvenience to those using the station. The job only took five days and hopefully means that operations can now run more efficiently and effectively.”

The Future Of The Road: Self-Driving Cars

22nd March 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Technology is evolving faster than ever, and most would agree that it has vastly improved our way of life. One of the newest ideas that have the tech and automotive industries abuzz is the prospect of self-driving cars. Several car manufacturers have already made this a reality and are testing self-driving prototypes on the road. Google’s fully autonomous cars have logged more than one million test miles on American roads, and automakers such as Mercedes, BMW and Tesla have released cars with some, albeit limited, abilities to drive themselves. Even truck manufacturers have joined the race to a self-driving world: Freightliner, a Daimler subsidiary, unveiled the first legal self-driving lorry last spring, and it’s currently undergoing road testing.

So, what’s the key to the success of the self-driving car? White lines. Well, lines aren’t the only factor these cars depend on to operate, but road markings play an important role in how the cars drive themselves. Radar, sensors and software combine to help the car “locate” itself on the road, and road markings allow the car to stay on course and obey traffic laws. Clear white lines may be more important than other factors: Freightliner CEO Martin Daum has claimed, “the only thing the truck needs for its self-driving circuits to kick in is ‘nice white stripes’”.

Could self-driving cars operate on roads without white lines? Maybe, but it’d probably be more difficult and/or costly for manufacturers to design cars that could safely operate on roads without lines. This leads to an interesting discussion, particularly in the UK, as the government is now testing the removal of white lines from the middle of some roads to improve driver safety. Research from the TfL shows that the removal of white lines causes drivers to drive more cautiously and cut speeds. On the other hand, organisations such as the AA are adamant that central white lines save lives. Regardless of which side of the white-line debate is correct, one thing is for certain: the removal of white lines may impede the evolution of new technologies such as self-driving cars, which have the ultimate goal of increasing road safety.


Riggotts Brave Gale Force Winds To Line Nissan Motors At Port Of Tyne

18th March 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts have just completed a new large-scale line marking project for Nissan Motors Manufacturing at the Port of Tyne. Port of Tyne is a gateway for world commerce as it is the UK’s leading and fastest-growing car handling port and also the 7th largest car handling port in Europe.

port of tyne 2

Nissan’s Port of Tyne car terminal is located just seven miles from the Nissan Sunderland factory. The factory is both Nissan and Europe’s single most productive car plant, having contributed almost one-third of all Nissan cars produced last year.

Riggotts was subcontracted by Rainton Construction Limited to line roughly 14,500 metres of parking bays at the Nissan terminal. Approximately 650 numbers and letters were laid down in addition to miles of thermoplastic white lines. Due to gale force winds and adverse weather conditions, the job wasn’t easy – but this is exactly why Riggotts was the perfect choice for the job. With a wealth of experience and professionalism, our operatives hunkered down and completed the job flawlessly despite the bad weather.


Riggotts Lines Thameslink For VolkerFitzpatrick

1st March 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts are excited to debut new lining work completed for returning clients VolkerFitzpatrick. The four-phase project, which began in early 2015, has been underway at the new Thameslink Train Depot in Hornsey. The Depot is part of a major Thameslink upgrade that will significantly improve rail services across London and the southeast. galv steel Riggotts won the contract, which entailed priming, cleaning and painting galvanised step edgings, from esteemed engineering and construction company VolkerFitzpatrick. The Riggotts team first cleansed the galvanised steel using a mordant solution, before applying a coat of Pro-Tect bonding agent to the edgings. Team operatives Max Stasans and Steven Bryce then painted these edgings with one-pack epoxy paint and chlorinated rubber for a highly visible finish, ensuring the depot meets applicable safety standards. stairs Performing work at a new railway depot is no easy task. Prior to work commencing, the Riggotts team completed extensive paperwork and underwent comprehensive health and safety training. It is for this reason that Riggotts was the best choice for the project: with our reputation for reliability and a high standard of work, VolkerFitzpatrick knew the job would be finished to their specifications.


Riggotts Remembers Dave Moreman

22nd February 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts isn’t just a top-rated national line marking company – we’re a family-run business with family values at our core. In 2009, when Riggotts Line Marking Supervisor Dave Moreman was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer just months before Christmas, the staff team worked together in the spirit of giving to help Dave’s family. Despite the harsh economic climate at the time, both the office staff and lining crews put their hands in their pockets to ensure Santa would still visit Dave’s three young children. As an extra incentive, the Directors offered to match whatever the office staff and lining crews donated. A grand total of £1750.00 was raised for Dave and his family, which was presented to him in his home just in time for Christmas.

Sadly, Dave lost his battle with cancer and passed away in January 2015. Dave’s wife Holly recently shared a photo with the Riggotts team of something his kids created whilst attending a Macmillan grief support group. They made a rabbit wearing one of their dad’s old t-shirts – and not just any t-shirt, but one of Dave’s Riggotts shirts. We’re honoured that Dave’s children chose to remember their father in his capacity as a dedicated Riggotts supervisor.

Riggotts prides itself on sidestepping typical ‘corporate’ stereotypes – by providing personalised, top-notch service and employing people who are passionate about our work and dedication to the communities we work for, we’re more than just a line-marking company. At Riggotts, our team members are our family. We are forever grateful for Dave’s 16 years of service to the company and will always keep his family in our thoughts and prayers.


Riggotts To The Rescue At Wembley Stadium

4th February 2016by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts are pleased to announce that we’ve won the tender to line the service area of Wembley Stadium. The bid request arrived after the Stadium’s previous contractors were unable to fulfil the contract, and therefore a quick replacement was needed. As always, Riggotts’ were readily available to take on the new project. Wembley Stadium opened in 2007 to replace the original Stadium, which had been a part of the London skyline since 1923. Aside from being the largest stadium in the United Kingdom, it’s the second-largest in Europe after Camp Nou in Barcelona. In 2012, Wembley hosted the summer Olympics; now, it’s home to the English National football team and is a venue for major acts such as Coldplay, Muse and One Direction, among others. The Stadium has also hosted American NFL games and can be hired for private events such as weddings and conferences. Many would agree Wembley Stadium is an iconic part of modern British culture.

Riggotts have previous experience lining Wembley Stadium; last year, we lined the main entrance. This year’s project will entail using one pack epoxy line marking paint to line a service road, which will aid safety and traffic flow around the stadium. There’s no project too big or small for Riggotts, and we’re proud to be chosen time and time again by esteemed clients such as Wembley Stadium.   **Cover photo found at http://www.wembleystadium.com**

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