Focus On Anti-Skid Road Surfacing Treatments

31st March 2015by galinar84News

Focus On Anti-Skid Road Surfacing Treatments

31st March 2015by galinar84News


As leading road marking specialists, Riggotts understand the need for optimal safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. Alongside our road marking and line marking services, we also offer an array of anti-skid road surfacing treatments.

We use the highest quality materials for these surface treatments including a specialist MMA resin, two-part epoxy and hot-applied anti-skid resin. All the materials that we use hold a BBA Type 1 approval, comply with the requirements of clause 924 and are Sector 7 Highway approved.

As with all our line marking and surface covering services, we use the best equipment and highly trained staff to ensure that all work is completed to the highest possible standard and within the timescale. Anti-skid road surface treatments are useful for many purposes and for various different vehicles, for example, cycle paths, bus lanes and car parks. They can even be used for surfaces primarily used by pedestrians, such as on towpaths and pavements. Anti-skid road surface treatments can be used alongside other types of road and line markings to help mark specific areas and give instructions to motorists and cyclists.

They are particularly useful around entrances and exits, ramps and crossing approaches as the highly visible colours make these areas clear and noticeable so drivers are aware that they may need to stop, give way or turn very soon and being anti-skid means that there is a far lower risk of accidents in the event that a driver or cyclist has to stop quickly.

All of our surface treatments can be created to your particular specifications and use our industry knowledge together with clients’ requirements to deliver the best solution for your needs. Much like our line markings, our anti-skid road markings are very durable so they stay looking bright and clear for many years.

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