Line Removal And Surface Preparation Treatments

13th May 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

As market leaders in the field of car park lining, marking and surface treatments, Riggotts also offer a range of surface preparation and rejuvenation treatments to both remove previous line markings, including white lining and yellow lining, and to prepare the surface for your new linings and surface coverings.

Our teams are highly trained in a number of surface preparation and line removal treatments and will select the most suitable method depending on the surface being treated, as well as the nature of the road lining and markings being removed. These treatments include diamond grinding, scabbling, hydro blast line removal and captive shot blast line removal and surface preparation, which was introduced in 2012. Depending on the method being used and the size of the area being treated, we will either use hand-held equipment or ride-on machinery. Our knowledge and experience mean that we know what method to use for each circumstance to avoid damage to the surface and to achieve the best possible results.

We can also remove old colours from car park surfaces and re-colour old tarmac for instant rejuvenation and so that you can rearrange the layout of your car park. As with our other services such as road marking and lining, all projects are completed within time scale and within budget so that you get the best possible return on your investment and so that there is minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your company


Reflective Road Studs and Cat’s Eyes

17th April 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

As leading road marking specialists, Riggotts have a vast experience in increasing road safety and visibility. We deliver a wide range of road and line markings as well as other services including road stud installation. We can deliver road studs and cat’s eyes either by themselves or as part of our ‘one-stop’ package and these are a fantastic way of increasing safety both on motorways and in smaller areas such as car parks and pedestrian crossings.

Reflective road studs are available in a range of different colours to help give instructions to drivers, for example, red studs mark the left edge of the road and white studs help to mark out separate lanes and the middle of the road. When it is too dark or too foggy for drivers and pedestrians to see road markings clearly, they reflect the light emitted from vehicles’ headlights to give instructions and minimise the risk of accidents and damage to vehicles.

Reflective road studs can also be used in warehouses to help mark out loading areas and to mark out parking bays in car parks. Again, they can be used in conjunction with line marking for maximum visibility and clarity. The less confusion there is, the less chance there is of an accident. Riggotts can provide the traditional Halifax-style cast steel cat’s eyes which are the most widely spread variety and have been around since their invention in 1932; these are in rubber mounted inserts and are resistant to any damage from being driven over and resistant to snowplough damage. We can also provide maintenance-free domed glass style cat’s eyes and solar-powered road studs.

We use specialised equipment to install reflecting road studs and cat’s eyes well within your time frame and our highly trained team deliver great results and meet your exacting requirements. Much like our road marking and line marking services, our reflective road studs and cats eyes can be tailored to your individual needs, whether they are needed for a whole stretch of motorway or a small area in a private car park.


Focus On Anti-Skid Road Surfacing Treatments

31st March 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

As leading road marking specialists, Riggotts understand the need for optimal safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. Alongside our road marking and line marking services, we also offer an array of anti-skid road surfacing treatments.

We use the highest quality materials for these surface treatments including a specialist MMA resin, two-part epoxy and hot-applied anti-skid resin. All the materials that we use hold a BBA Type 1 approval, comply with the requirements of clause 924 and are Sector 7 Highway approved.

As with all our line marking and surface covering services, we use the best equipment and highly trained staff to ensure that all work is completed to the highest possible standard and within the timescale. Anti-skid road surface treatments are useful for many purposes and for various different vehicles, for example, cycle paths, bus lanes and car parks. They can even be used for surfaces primarily used by pedestrians, such as on towpaths and pavements. Anti-skid road surface treatments can be used alongside other types of road and line markings to help mark specific areas and give instructions to motorists and cyclists.

They are particularly useful around entrances and exits, ramps and crossing approaches as the highly visible colours make these areas clear and noticeable so drivers are aware that they may need to stop, give way or turn very soon and being anti-skid means that there is a far lower risk of accidents in the event that a driver or cyclist has to stop quickly.

All of our surface treatments can be created to your particular specifications and use our industry knowledge together with clients’ requirements to deliver the best solution for your needs. Much like our line markings, our anti-skid road markings are very durable so they stay looking bright and clear for many years.


Altius Award For CDM Assurance

25th March 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the Altius award for CDM assurance for our work as road marking contractors and other line marking and surface covering services. Altius are an independent company consisting of industry experts who assess vendors for excellence in various fields including asbestos removal contractors, security companies, building services and refurbishment companies, commercial waste removal companies and, in our case, road and line marking contractors.

The directors and staff members have all worked in a multitude of different sectors and have over nine decades of combined experience so they have a very wide range of skills and plenty of industry knowledge. The aim of Altius is to assess vendors in a way that is fair to both vendors and clients alike so that clients know who to use to get excellent service and vendors know what they can do to further develop and improve their businesses.

As national line marking specialists, we uphold a very high standard of excellence both in the quality of our work and the level of service we deliver so our clients can be assured that their line markings, road surface preparations, road markings and other projects are delivered on time and to a fantastic standard.

Altius offers tailored assessments which means that the assessments are not only fairer for vendors but they focus on areas of importance that are specific to each different sector. For example, as Riggotts are in the road and line marking industry, they have tailored their assessment of us to cover specific factors that affect our industry. This prestigious award is a real testament to our focus on great results and fantastic service.


The Importance Of Road Markings

17th March 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

At Riggotts we have spent the last 21 years building a sterling reputation as national road lining experts and deliver top quality road marking and lining, including yellow lining, chevron lining, car park lining and graphic line marking. As well as being passionate about high-quality results and excellent customer service, Riggotts are dedicated to safety and road markings play a large part in increasing road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Road linings are important for safety on all kinds of roads, from tiny country roads to vast motorways for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons is probably that they give instant instructions to motorists; highly visible white and yellow linings separate traffic lines to keep drivers safely on the correct side of the road, indicate areas where other lines of traffic merge into main roads, can be used to indicate speed restrictions, mark out specific cycle and bus lanes and give various instructions such as where to give way and where there may be potential hazards. Certain road markings indicate where it is safe for pedestrians to cross the road, for example, zebra crossings and others such as single and double yellow lining show where parking isn’t allowed, helping drivers to avoid fines.

Due to the nature of their purpose, road marking and linings undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis from vehicles and the elements so Riggotts use the latest technologies, high-quality materials such as thermoplastics and expert techniques to ensure that all our markings are hard wearing and durable. According to a recent survey by safety company LifeLines, the most dangerous roads in the country are those with worn-out road markings as it is so much harder for drivers to know when and where to safely leave the road. Our road linings, including our white and yellow linings, remain highly visible and easy to identify with minimal maintenance and are applied in a minimal amount of time without sacrificing quality, ensuring as little as possible disruption to everyday service.

As the need for safer, more efficient roads grows, Riggotts always adheres to strict safety guidelines and are affiliated with the Road Safety Markings Association to create any form of road lining necessary to keep everybody safe on the road, both inside and outside of vehicles.


Riggotts’ Work Improving School Playgrounds

13th March 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

In addition to our surface preparation, road marking and car park line marking work within various different industries, we also create bespoke school playground line marking. As well as providing a national road lining service with services including white and yellow lining, we create fun and educational graphic line markings in a wide array of colours. There’s been a lot of press over the recent years about getting kids more active and the negative effects of decreased physical education time so the school playground is the ideal place to make some proactive changes.

We use ideas from the schools themselves as well as our own experience to create fun, educational games on the surface of their playgrounds, from the traditional hopscotch which helps to build balance, spatial awareness and muscle strength to numbered grids that encourage math skills and can be used in a variety of different ways. Outdoor physical play can also play an important part in making subjects more interesting and engaging for students. For example, we can create geographical maps of Great Britain and compasses to help spark a renewed interest in geography.

Other options such as mazes and scaled-down roadways encourage imagination, road safety awareness and teamwork. Our miniature version of road markings and road linings are clear and realistic, much like our real-life road markings created by our specialist road marking team. If your school playground has pre-existing line markings but you want a complete overhaul, Riggotts can provide a line removal service and surface preparation before applying your brand new school playground line marking.

If you have something completely unique in mind, we can work with your ideas and offer advice to create completely bespoke, vibrantly coloured and highly durable designs. As line marking contractors, we can help make your school’s playground fun and educational area without the need for maintenance or any extra equipment.


The History Of The Zebra Crossing

7th March 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

If you walk through any town or city you are sure to come across a zebra crossing at some point or another. Although the exact origins of the zebra crossing are disputed and not verified, it is believed that the original idea for these road markings was the brainchild of MP James Callaghan in 1948 who was working on new ideas for pedestrian crossings when visiting the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory. The following year, these crossings were painted on 1000 test sites around the UK but, instead of the bright white lining we recognise today, they were actually blue and yellow.

These line markings were soon changed to black and white for better visibility and became widespread in 1951. In 1971, they were added to the Green Cross Code and they replaced the previous ‘kerb drill’ that was used to safely cross the road. The most famous zebra crossing both in the UK and around the world has got to be the one in Abbey Road, North West London that is featured in the iconic cover art of The Beatles album of the same name. This particular zebra crossing is now Grade II listed!

The contrast of thick white stripes against the black tarmac, sometimes black paint when necessary, make zebra crossings one of the most easily recognisable and visible road markings. They often have ‘Belisha beacons’, the amber coloured light orbs, either end of the crossing to add further visibility at night time or in adverse weather conditions. As line painting contractors, we can provide highly visible, non-skid zebra crossings as one of our services.

The zebra crossing is simple, easy to use and low maintenance but over the past few years more than 1000 have been removed in favour of pelican and puffin crossings, which use traffic lights to direct both drivers and pedestrians. There has also been a rise in pedestrian accidents which road safety accidents believe is because zebra crossings do not actively slow vehicles down and give priority to pedestrians, leading to unsafe behaviour from both. In New Zealand, they found that adding a speed bump before a zebra crossing can reduce these accidents by 80%, perhaps a measure that should become widespread in the UK.


Line Marking For Sports Courts

27th February 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

So many sports depend on clear line marking in order to be played properly, from marking out athletic tracks and marking lines on basketball courts for scoring purposes to dividing up courts for safety and showing players where they should be positioned.  As well as marking the sports court and pitches themselves, we can create clear, durable lines in the spectator’s areas ensuring that people watching the games have a clear pathway to and from their seats and know how far to stand back for safety purposes.

Riggotts specialises in high quality white and yellow line marking as well as a full spectrum of multi-coloured lines and surface coverings, which are all vibrant, highly durable and stand out whatever the weather conditions. For example, if you needed marking for a school or youth club where several sports and activities are played on the same pitch, we can provide different coloured lines to help players easily distinguish the sports court boundaries and scoring areas.

Our industry-leading line markings are highly visible so they are easy to see and identify even after wet or frosty weather. Being long-lasting and highly-durable means that they can withstand plenty of foot-fall without needing extra maintenance so, once applied, you don’t have to worry about a thing. As well as delivering a high-quality premium service and excellent customer service, we offer very competitive prices so you get excellent value for money. At Riggotts we understand how important this is for schools and organisations that require a great service but have a limited budget.


Improving Safety With Warehouse Line Marking

17th February 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

Along with our focus on great quality results and excellent customer service, Riggotts are dedicated to upholding high levels of safety.

One of our areas of expertise is warehouse line marking which helps make warehouses a safer place for people working in them as well as helping them to run smoothly and more efficiently. Highly vibrant line markings, such as our diagonal yellow line markings, are crucial in warehouses both for staff working in them and staff from other departments who may have to visit or pass through them as they make it clearer to see where safe walkways are and can be used to mark out racking spaces so items are placed in suitable areas. Clear internal warehouse line markings are one of the factors you need to check for when completing a risk assessment.

The Health and Safety Executive also highly recommends that unloading areas are clearly marked out and in larger warehouses, it can be beneficial to mark out the path to the nearest fire exit. We use top quality, high specification products for our internal warehouse markings including chlorinated rubber and MMA resins to give lasting, fade-resistant results as well as being non-skid, which also increases the level of safety both for staff walking through your warehouse and those operating machinery alike. We also offer floor surface preparations which are a crucial step to ensure long-lasting, durable results and refreshing sprays for painted surfaces.

Our high-quality products combined with excellent workmanship and attention to detail and quality ensures that your warehouse is a safer place for all of your staff and is correctly marked to adhere to health and safety guidelines.


Riggotts: Focus Line Marking

11th February 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

At Riggotts we are market-leading experts in all forms of line marking including bespoke floor graphic line marking which is durable, versatile and stays looking vibrant for a very long time.

The old style of floor graphics involved painting on to asphalt surfaces which looks perfectly fine when it has been freshly applied, but over time suffers discolouration, cracks and obvious wear, particularly because it is used in areas such as car parks where it is driven over frequently. At Riggotts we use the highest quality of MMA resins, specialist line marking paints and highly durable thermoplastic that is both quick drying and looks as good as new for years.

They also come in a range of vibrant colours meaning that they are highly visible, versatile and easy to match to a company or brand’s specific colours. The fast application and drying time of our line marking methods allow normal business to continue as swiftly as possible. Our specially developed preformed resin can be laser shaped into any design needed and is highly flexible so it can go over uneven surfaces without cracking or lifting off.

Our team of experts can create any design that you need and your new floor graphics are applied and dried in a short time period without sacrificing on quality and they will remain looking vibrant and highly visible for years.

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