Margaret McMillan School Bradford

4th December 2014by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service which is second to none, so when we were asked to create an area for children to socialise and learn at Margaret McMillan School in Bradford…we did just that.

Our first job was to provide a non slip coating to the existing concrete paving slabs, matching the general theme of the area. We then installed an MMA non-slip coating to a specification of colours and shapes, matching our client’s bespoke drawings.

Involvement in bespoke projects has its disadvantages, manufacturing of specific coloured materials and tight deadlines can be hard to juggle – but we think you’ll agree the end product makes it all worthwhile!


Click and Collect Asda Project

3rd December 2014by aperturemarketingukNews

Following various warehouse and car park line marking painting projects for Asda over the last few years, we have been appointed by CBES to create ‘Click and Collect’ bays at more than 200 Asda stores across the UK.

Asda is introducing the ‘Click and Collect’ service at selected stores across its estate to enable customers who order online before 1 pm to pick up their grocery shopping later the same day from a participating store.

Two of our experienced liners Paul Young and Melvin Ford have already completed 30 ‘Click and Collect’ schemes, ably assisted by apprentice liner, William Riggott.

Explains Paul: “We were working to a tight deadline but pulled out all the stops to deliver the first 30 schemes in just over a week.

“Located in the store’s car park, the ‘Click and Collect’ bays are brightly coloured and feature the words Collection Point so they’re really easy for customers to find. When creating the bays we first mark out the blue square that contains all the relevant information. The square is then filled with blue thermoplastic to ensure it’s highly visible and, once that is dry, we are able to add the lettering.”

Concludes Nick Riggott, commercial director at Riggotts: “The work Paul, Melvin and William have done so far is spot on. They’ve worked hard to complete the first batch of bays well within the deadline and the client is very impressed.”


As Bright As You Can Please

1st December 2014by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

Riggotts recently completed line marking and surface coatings for a brand new car park at Winfred Holtby and Tweendykes school. Their work included the use of slip resistant acrylic coatings, thermoplastic for the bay markings and cold plastic resin for the individual logos.

The order was placed by Morgan Sindall PLC on Tuesday, for a rapid completion on Thursday before the Easter weekend handover – so they had to get to work!


Aberdeen Airport

1st December 2014by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

Riggotts have completed a £30,000 line marking contract to revamp Aberdeen Airport’s car parking facilities in just two weeks.

The project was delivered for leading construction project management company GOLDBECK. Riggotts were responsible for re-marking the lines within the airport’s multi-storey car parks, as well as road and walkway markings leading to the parking facilities.

All car park line-markings were revamped using thermoplastic, the bay, road and walkway markings were re-painted using single pack epoxy – a fast drying, long-lasting and chemical resistant paint.

For more information about Riggotts’ car park line marking services call 0800 848 8414.


London Motor Show

30th November 2014by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

Riggotts took pole position at the London Motor Show after creating a temporary race track and show stand for car enthusiasts to enjoy.

The Nottinghamshire-based line marking company was appointed by stand designers to mark out the Aston Martin stand inside the hall at the Excel Exhibition Centre, as well as create a mini race track for Mazda.

The designers were looking for a line marking material that would provide flexibility in bright colours and could be quickly applied due to the tight turnaround of the exhibition.

Both jobs were completed using Esseline CR, one of the latest products in the company’s unique Esseline range.

Esseline CR is a cost-effective and highly durable chlorinated rubber line marking and surface coating material, designed specifically for use on both external and internal asphalt and concrete surfaces.

The markings are dry for wheels in just 15 minutes and will retain its colour brilliance in all conditions. This ensures it stays looking as good throughout the show as it did on the first day.

The team worked throughout the weekend to mark out the required areas alongside other contractors who were also working to extremely tight deadlines.

The results were superb and really added to the high-class racing theme on the Aston Martin stand and race track areas.

For more information on the Esseline range of surface coatings and line markings, contact us.


Tesco Extra Dudley

29th November 2014by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

Riggotts complete new Tesco Extra store at Dudley.

As well as installing all the white lining at the new store, Tesco implemented new red designated areas to the disabled and parent and child parking areas. Riggotts worked closely with the client to source the correct materials for the job – meeting the client’s expectations and ensuring a finish that was second to none.

Luckily we had the knowledge and know-how to deliver everything the client requested and more, take a look for yourself…


Ikea Superstore

28th November 2014by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

Ikea superstore opens its doors on time thanks to Riggotts.

One of the UK’s newest Ikea superstores was able to open its doors to the public on time after Riggotts completed major work on the store’s car park in just six weeks.

The Nottingham store needed its car park colouring quickly in order to allow Ikea to remain on track with its challenging completion programme.

Riggotts successfully completed the project within the six-week timeframe and to budget, ensuring that the superstore could open on time.

For more information about our car park services, contact us.


Charles Wells LTD

27th November 2014by aperturemarketingukCase Studies

Riggotts cross the line with Charles Wells.

Leading pub company Charles Wells Ltd was able to keep within the lines of its tight opening schedule, thanks to a record-breaking turnaround from Riggotts.

The company required approximately 15,000 metres of lines to be laid out and marked at its new distribution centre in Bedford.

Riggotts completed the mammoth task in a record-breaking four days, meeting the deadline of the depot’s official opening date.

For more information about line marking, contact us.


Plastiline Passes Durability Test At Asda Avonmouth

27th February 2014by aperturemarketingukNews

Asda’s Avonmouth distribution centre is big – 492,000 sq ft – and it’s extremely busy – it has the capacity to support 78 Superstores and 45 supermarkets. Strategically placed to help Asda expand in the south of the UK when the existing line marking tape started to peel off due to the force of abuse from the constant to-and-fro of forklifts, heavy produce and vans, contractors the McLaren Group approached Riggotts to find a solution.

“We had to find something much more robust and durable to replace the failing tape,” explains Nick Riggott, commercial director at Riggotts. “I’d been sent a sample of a new, pre-formed, self-adhesive plastic line called Plastiline which I thought might fit the bill.” What better time to test the durability of Plastiline than at the distribution centre’s busiest time? For Asda, this, of course, would be the festive period. Continues Nick: “After managing to withstand a trial in the hectic lead up to Christmas, we knew Plastiline was the winner.

So, Simon Staniland and his team ended up laying 17,000 metres of the product over a four-week period.” Peter Boswell, site contact for McLaren said: “We were extremely impressed just how well Plastiline worked, especially as we couldn’t have tested it in a higher trafficked time, so we know it’s going to withstand the test of time.”


Chaos Avoided In Dundee Thanks To Riggotts

20th February 2014by aperturemarketingukNews

There are few places where line marking is more vital than a supermarket car park. Imagine the chaos that would exist without them. It doesn’t bear thinking about. Recently Riggotts was commissioned by Barr Construction to paint and lay thermoplastic across the car park at a brand new £6.5 million Asda store covering 40,000 square feet in Kingsway West, Dundee.

Four Riggotts crews consisting of Damian Henshaw, Andy Johnson, Valdas Birbalas, Jon Inkles and Ricky Belcher successfully completed the job, organising their work in shifts around the constant comings and goings from the site to keep disruption to a minimum.

As a result, the thousands of shoppers visiting the store each week will be able to park and manoeuvre around the surrounding roads easily and with peace of mind, Riggotts having employed a simple but effective marking design which perfectly complements the area surrounding the store. Chaos avoided, in other words!


Busy Base Enlists Help From Riggotts

17th February 2014by aperturemarketingukNews

Located to the west of London, RAF Northolt operates like clockwork. Home to a number of Royal Air Force units, the base also handles a high volume of private civilian flights. In addition road vehicles frequently have to negotiate areas where aircraft taxi and take-off.

In other words, people really need to know where they are going. Or else… That in mind, a team from Riggotts recently spent some time at RAF Northolt painting and marking various areas to help ensure that the base runs smoothly. The work included painting ‘stop bars’ on taxiways aimed at bringing road vehicles sharing tarmacked areas with aircraft to a halt when a plane is preparing to either take off or land.

Motorcycle parking bays were also painted and marked, as was a pedestrian walkway down the middle of a disused runway now used as a car park.

“They’d had problems with people parking anywhere which meant there was nowhere for people to actually walk safely through the car park,” said Chris Lee, a member of the Riggotts’ team which completed the work.

“RAF Northolt is a busy place so we needed to work around everything else that was going on without creating any inconvenience. We were able to do that and, as a result of our work, hopefully, the base will be able to operate that little bit smoother in future.”


Hollyoaks Put Riggotts On Bay Watch

14th January 2014by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts is rapidly becoming the ‘go-to’ company for television production firms needing lines marked or surfaces coated. At the end of 2013, it was the makers of Coronation Street who got in touch wanting a car park adjacent to the famous set in Manchester to be marked. Then at the start of 2014 Lime Pictures, makers of Hollyoaks, called Riggotts with an urgent brief to mark out an ambulance bay on the set of the popular Channel 4 soap in Liverpool.

Riggotts were happy to oblige and sent a team to complete the job quickly and with the minimum of fuss, working around the production company’s busy film schedule.

“We did have to stop occasionally while filming took place on the set but that’s often part of what we do, working around whatever else is going on in the immediate area even if it does mean taking a little more time,” says Lee Banner of Riggotts. “The important part is to get the job done right.”

To see Riggotts’ handiwork for yourself tune into a forthcoming episode of Hollyoaks and look out for the yellow-lined bay outside the hospital with ‘Ambulance Parking Only’ written across it.


Riggotts Reach Wembley!

3rd January 2014by aperturemarketingukNews

Only the very best make it to Wembley. You know, the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, the Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Wigan Warriors. And Riggotts.

Over the course of three weeks, spanning the end of November and beginning of December, Riggotts painted all the lines at the car park which serves Wembley Stadium plus the adjacent designer shopping outlet.

The work, which was commissioned by Cemplas Waterproofing & Concrete Repairs Ltd, involved marking all outside bays and external roadways together with the lines inside the giant eight-storey parking block which many visitors to Wembley will be familiar with.

Two paint crews completed the job with Melvin Ford and Ben Brown alternating shifts with Simon Staniland and Carl Davis. Both teams were ably assisted by Dan Hough and Stevie McNamara who undertook all of the thermoplastic work.

“It’s a very busy site so we had to work around everything else that was going on,” says Melvin. “But we’re used to that. It’s a bit of a balancing act, trying to get the job done quickly and to the best of our ability while causing as little disruption as possible to other people. All in all we’re very happy with the way it went and the finished results.”

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