Riggotts Take To The Coronation Street Stage

5th December 2013by galinar84News

Riggotts Take To The Coronation Street Stage

5th December 2013by galinar84News


Of all the roads in the United Kingdom, if not the world, few are better known than a fictional one found in Manchester – Coronation Street.

Recently, makers of the long-running iconic TV soap contacted Riggotts asking us to visit the studios and carry out some line marking work.

Alas, the marking in question wasn’t on the tarmacadam of Coronation Street itself. Instead, Riggotts’ employees Matt Hardy and Darren Pritchard spent two weeks painting lines on the car park adjacent to the set used by stars of the show together with other TV personalities working at the famous ITV studios in Manchester.

In an ideal world, Matt and Darren would have completed the job in half the time. Alas, the famous Manchester rain struck with a vengeance meaning the pair required longer than planned to finish the task.

Getting to paint the road markings on Coronation Street would have been something else, with your work being on the show to millions of people, but on this occasion that wasn’t part of our job,” says Matt.

In all honesty, we treat every job just the same, no matter where it is. Whether it’s Coronation Street or the car park next door, you apply the same level of professionalism to whatever you do. Every job gives you an immense sense of satisfaction once it’s completed. Maybe next time, having seen how thorough our work is, they will ask us back to paint

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