Riggotts Draws A Line With Market Leading Product

15th April 2006by galinar84News0

Riggotts Draws A Line With Market Leading Product

15th April 2006by galinar84News0


A road marking specialist is meeting the increasingly tough requirements of internal and external line marking and surface coating contracts with a range of state-of-the-art products. Riggotts, which services a blue-chip customer base for complex line marking and surface coating projects, has developed its own Esseline range of products following industry demand for high quality, increasingly durable materials.

Commercial Director at family-owned Riggotts, Nick Riggott, said: “Our investment in the development of the Esseline range has been demand-led. “Our customers require line marking and surface coating on a variety of surfaces ranging from warehouses to retail car parks and school playgrounds. “However they all share common demands, requiring high-quality products at cost-effective prices, assurance that the work will maintain its aesthetic appeal for the maximum duration and that treated areas are returned to traffic or pedestrian use as soon as possible. “Although each product in the Esseline range has particular features for specific applications, they all fulfil these key requirements.” Riggott’s Esseline line marking and surface coating work is only carried out by an in-house team of specialists or supplied to contractors who have been trained and quality assured by the company.

The Esseline Range includes:

Esseline SM – a revolutionary surface coating specially designed to rejuvenate and extend the life of traditional asphalt surfaces Esseline SF – a pure epoxy resin line marking and floor coating for concrete, metal and wood

Esseline SC – a premium quality reactive cold hardening plastic surface, ideal for car park bay colouration and line marking

Esseline LM – with unique reflective, non-yellowing and skid-resistant features, which make it ideal for all external line marking applications.

Esseline PU – a range of revolutionary polyurea based fast-set surface coatings which work in an array of demanding protection applications

Riggotts’ Facilities Maintenance Services division also includes specialist cleaning and car park and grounds maintenance services throughout the UK.

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